Birmingham Business Journal  March 5, 2004

Evergreen Real Estate is developing a new $500,000 downtown headquarters for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  Construction started last month on the 2,000 square-foot building on fifth Avenue North between 23rd and 24th streets.  Completion will be in June.  Enterprise used the two-lot site for parking, shuttling to and from its current headquarters around the corner next to the Berents Building site.  Enterprise will consolidate operations at the facility and enjoy a new luxury: a 1,000 square-foot car wash.  Currently, company employees wash cars by hand.  "This location has served us well since 1987," says Chuck Carr, regional  vice president  for Enterprise in Central and North Alabama. "One of the challenges was the logistics of utilizing three different lots to get cars ready, prepared and delivered to customers.  This will be so much easier because we can consolidate these different lots.  They will all be contiguous and on the same site with the car wash and our new facility.  I think our employees and customers will be thrilled with the results."

The new building also should be a welcome addition to that particular area of the central business district.  "In that neighborhood, every improvement helps." Cowden says.  Here's a tenant with a new building, a new facility and a long term investment in that area.  It shows there's room for improvement and growth in the market downtown."